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You will find our charming Outdoor Home on a hill in the most western, totally remote but beautiful Slovenian village Robidišče. Far away from civilization and the sounds of the highway. Find your peace at the edge of the world.

You can watch the starry sky at night, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the quiet sound of nature. If you are lucky, you will meet some sheep, cows or horses.


As a guest, you can enjoy a shared outdoor grill, and many chill-out places where you can retreat to relax, connect to nature and friends.


A few sharp bends above Nadiža lays an ancient Venetian village called Robidišče. Once full of children, now holds only six aging souls.


All the rooms, each unique in its own way, are nicely furnished with hand-made decorations. Each room has an own bathroom with a shower.

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